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An Ultimate Guide to acing the TestAs Exam: Tips & Strategies

An Ultimate Guide to acing the TestAs Exam: Tips & Strategies

  • An Ultimate Guide to acing the TestAs Exam: Tips & Strategies

    An Ultimate Guide to acing the TestAs Exam: Tips & Strategies

    • 19 June 2024
    • Posted By : Admin

    Achieving a score of 210 or higher on the TestAs exam is an impressive feat, but it is certainly attainable with the right preparation and strategies. The TestAs (Test für Ausländische Studierende) is a standardized test designed to assess the cognitive abilities of international students who wish to study in Germany. Here are some tips and strategies to help you reach that high score:

    Know your TestAs Format:

    The TestAs has two main sections: the Core Test and the Subject-Specific Test. The Core Test evaluates your general cognitive abilities, while the Subject-Specific Test evaluates on your knowledge in a particular academic field. Accommodate yourself with the structure and content of both sections to know what to expect on exam day. It is important to familiarize yourself with both the structure and formats of TestAs exam. TestAs is available in two formats:

    • Paper-Based: Traditional exam format where you will answer questions on paper.
    • Digital: Conducted on a computer, offering a modern approach to testing.

    Many students get confused which TestAs format to choose either Pen & Paper based TestAs or Digital TestAs. Also, there is juggling for which TestAs subject specific module to choose, for example, If I am planning to study industrial Engineering, I should choose Engineering module or Economics module? Industrial engineering focuses on optimizing complex processes and systems, which typically involves a solid foundation in engineering principles. However, understanding economics could be beneficial in industrial management, business skills, monetary management, and commerce background students as it often incorporates aspects of cost analysis and efficiency. As a result, I must choose Engineering module.

    Phrase a study plan:

    Constructing an effective and efficient study plan is crucial for getting desirable scores. We must plan our TestAs exam date at an early stage, so that when we register for the TestAs exam, we will get the TestAs center nearest to our place. Registering and selecting the nearest place will give you the extra days to prepare. As the TestAs exam has different question types, for example, four different types in Paper Based TestAs exam and three different types in Digital TestAs core test itself. Therefore, we need to know the strategies to solve all question types in the given time because time management is utmost important in any standardized test. Plan specific days for each question type preparation, and one must practice the entire core test in the given time.

    Practice with available resources:

    As we know, there are very limited resources available for TestAs exam preparation. Try to identify the question types and learn to improve your verbal reasoning, logical thinking, critical thinking, and quantitative ability. Since the TestAs tests on cognitive skills and logical thinking and visual analysis. Take help from the official TestAs website to get better insights about the resources and practice materials.

    Analize your weak points:

    Once you practice from the available resources, you will be able to identify your weak points based on the questions which you are getting incorrect during the practice. Analyze each question which you got wrong, and you must try to figure out why exactly you got that particular question wrong. Try to find out the exact reason why you got that question wrong. Is it due to lack of knowledge or a wrong strategy.

    Avoid last minute hustle:

    Visiting the official website of the TestAs exam as often as you can to keep yourself updated about TestAs syllabus or TestAs pattern will keep you well aware of any changes there are related to TestAs.  Plan your journey well in advance to minimize the anxiety of availability of tickets, hotel rooms, price hike of air tickets.

    Focus on Test taking skills:

    Practice all the strategies which can help you to solve any question in the minimum possible time, using the right strategy. It will help you to solve easy questions correctly and will give you extra time needed for difficult questions which will in turn help you to increase your percentile of TestAs Score. Because TestAs Score comes in two forms TestAs percentile and marks, it is crucial to know how to increase your percentile and TestAs Score simultaneously.

    Stay positive and confident:

    Last minute learning new tips and strategies will not help you to increase your TestAs score, instead it will increase your anxiety and stress. To avoid last-minute confusion and lack of confidence, you should start your TestAs preparation at least three - four months before, so that you get to know the structure and question types of TestAs. It will build your confidence. There are lot of differences between Digital TestAs and Paper Based TestAs. Whatever you have practiced during your TestAs preparation journey will definitely help you to score higher as compared to students who have not practiced enough. Stay positive about the knowledge and strategies which you have acquired during your TestAs preparation journey as they will certainly help you to increase your TestAs percentile and TestAs score because fighting with the know enemy is always better than the fighting with stranger. Stay Positive and be confident.

    Seek professional help:

    In the present scenario Germany is the only country which is giving free tuition fees for public universities and tuition fees for private universities is also less as compared to the other foreign destinations. Therefore, definitely Germany would like to be very selective in terms of selecting students for studying in Germany. They don’t need only book worms; therefore, they look for students with high cognitive abilities, visual abilities, reasoning skills, quick decision-making capabilities and subject knowledge.

    Hence to acquire this, one must seek guidance from experienced mentors to learn about TestAs Structure, TestAs pattern, TestAs syllabus, TestAs Question Types and learn shortcuts as well as strategies of TestAs. Erisha Edusupport is pioneer in providing TestAs Coaching for core test and all subject modules of TestAs exam. Erisha Edusupport  provides 1000 plus questions for each question type of core module and all the subject specific  modules along with Test Papers.  Erisha makes you practice multiple practice tests replicating the exact TestAs Exam center conditions and regulations which helps you to increase your confidence and build trust on brand Erisha to be your best companion and mentor in your TestAs preparation and fulfilling your dream to study in Germany.

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