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Why Study Abroad?

The quality of education is always the primary reason to study abroad. There is no denial in the fact that there are a lot of premier universities in our country, But, the fact is they are pale when compared to the universities abroad. The international universities have amazing resources which make there education so renowned such as their research facilities, industry connections which make their programs tailor made and the kind of funding that is provided. Its prestigious to study from a well-recognised university as it brightens your future and opens your career path. It also gives you an opportunity to discover new places and meet new people and explore new traditions and different cultures. When you start living in some other place you miss your home country that makes it more special as its culture and its people. The other reason for studying abroad is you learn a different language which acts as a confidence booster and its gives me an opportunity to explore the new job market where the opportunities are more rewarding both in terms a career and the kind of salary package that is being offered. Later when you want to return to your home country still you will be carrying a very impressive resume which is valued by the local employers as you bring something new and unique on the table. So being an international student certainly meets their requirements. It also gives an opportunity to make new friends from different countries as they have their own sets of unique backgrounds. Living alone also gives you a sense of responsibility as you have no family to prepare your meals, no one to bail you out at the time of need. It gives you an opportunity to stand on your own. Studying abroad opens the door of opportunities apart from education if you want to settle down in another county. It gives you a sense of open mindedness and also makes you learn that don’t take simple things for granted.

Comparison to Studying in India

The reason why Indian students prefer to study abroad vary person to person. The student has his own preferences. Some students choose to study abroad to get easy work depending upon the countries policies. Some students choose a different country to study based on the relatively smooth admission criteria. One must determine certain factors while deciding to study abroad. The education system in India is more theoretical when compared to the education system abroad as its more practical oriented and makes you job ready. The option to change subjects is restricted in India. In the middle of your program you cannot change your majors whereas in the European or the US colleges one has the option to change subjects and does not restrict them to hold on to one subject only. Flexibility in the education system in Indian education system looks futuristic whereas abroad you have several courses to opt from options of dual majors, minors and free electives to choose from. While in India you do not get a global outlook as you meet students from different states whereas while studying abroad you are exposed to a different lifestyle, culture as you meet students from different countries. You tend to transform into an independent individual as it gives you a sense of community living and to learn about their culture and lifestyle. This is where the friendship connections are formed which lasts for life. The education in India is more theoretical based on the past research while Universities abroad are way advanced in terms of research facilities and funding. The ranking in India is way short when compared to the Universities abroad as they are highly ranked. The tuition cost in India is no doubt comparatively is less when compared to the foreign Universities, but the ROI abroad is much higher though the tuition cost is high. The students have limited scholarships in India while you have numerous scholarships offered by the foreign Universities.

Sample Programs Abroad

UG / MS / MBA / PhD

Tests that need to be taken.


Study Abroad Tests
  • GMAT
  • GRE
The Application Procedure
  1. Various Intakes – Fall / Spring / Summer
  2. The timeline – Sep / Jan / May
  3. The documents needed
    • Application
    • SOP
    • LOR
    • CV
    • Essays
Products and Services that we offer

Description – Profiling & University Shortlisting – Standardized Test preparation - Application filling assistance – Editing – University Interview Preparation – Financial Counselling – Visa Documentation and Visa mock interviews – Pre-Departure and Post Departure Services.
Admission Services:
We provide a personalized Admission Counselling Services for destinations across the World -USA , Canada, Australia,UK,Ireland, New Zealand , Ireland & Europe.
  • Profiling or Discovering yourself through us with us as we like to call it
  • Helping you define Career Objectives and college goals
  • Researching best fit colleges and Schools , since One Size “does not “ fit all
  • Allowing you creative freedom for your essays and SOP"S to get that "story built "
  • Getting your applications out in time all the time
  • Help you make up your mind on where to go after all the offers that you will get.
  • Preparing you for the all-important Visa Interview Don’t worry we got your back.
  • We even provide pre-departure assistance and guidance for your Tickets and Forex needs because we understand that in all of this you might forget something.
Services Offered-

Stage 1: Short listing of Universities- We will be providing a short list of around 8-10 universities according to your profile categorized in the form of Dream, reach and safe out of which you can finalize 5 universities as per your choice. We will consider your preferred set of universities that you want to target and help you with the same if the profile matches to the requirement of the universities that you have targeted.

Dream Schools– The chances are 50%, Reach Schools– 50-80% and Safe Schools– chances are more than 80%.
The standardized test depends on the respective country that you’re going for and the course that you choose to take to pursue your studies. The standardized test like GMAT/GRE is for master’s and MBA programs along with IELTS/TOEFL. The Standardized test like SAT/Subject SAT/AP along with IELTS/TOEFL are for Undergraduate Programs that need to be taken to pursue your course of studies.

Stage 1: To provide a shortlist of universities one needs to have the required standardized test scores. If you do not have the test scores we would provide you a tentative list of universities based on the mock scores. The student needs to provide at least a minimum of 3-4 mock test scores in order to provide a tentative list of universities before he/she goes for the standardized test to avail the free score reporting to the universities. Once the Final test score is provided than a final list of universities will be given depending on the kind of score that the student has cracked taking into consideration the tentative list of universities based on the average of the mock score that was provided.

Stage 2: Editing– if the student finalizes the 5 universities he / she is applying to then an editor is assigned and will assist in editing you’re SOP, LORs, Application, Essays and Resume). We would also like to make it clear that we will not be ghost writing and the student needs to write his / her first draft as per the guidelines provided by the editor and there will be multiple exchange of drafts till the final draft is arrived at. There will be a maximum of 3 drafts.

Stage 3: Application Assistance-The student will be assisted in the University application process. We will ask the student to fill in the application and complete the same but will not submit it. They need to exit from the application without submitting it. Once they share the login credentials we will log into the application review it and make the necessary changes if required and then ask them to submit the same.

Stage 4: Interview Preparation– If the university decides to have an interview with the candidate Skype/telephonic. We will conduct mock interview and prepare the candidate for the same.

Stage 5: Financial Counselling: We will prepare the student by counselling him and knowing the source of funding if funded by parent's /self-funded or going for an educational loan. What type of documents is required to support his/her application & referring the Financial Institutions for Educational loan?

Stage 6: Final Stage: VISA Counselling – After seeking the admission and the student decides to go for a university we will assist him in the documentation process for the Visa filing and prepare the student with mock interview sessions to crack the visa interview.

Offerings – Educational loan assistance – Forex and Travel booking assistance.
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