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New Enhanced GRE 2023 - All You Need to Know

New Enhanced GRE 2023 - All You Need to Know

  • New Enhanced GRE 2023 - All You Need to Know

    New Enhanced GRE 2023 - All You Need to Know

    • 29-08-2023
    • Posted By : Admin

    In today's highly competitive world of higher education, the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) holds immense significance for getting admissions into top universities across the globe. GRE is widely accepted for admission to graduate and professional programs, including business and law.  From September 22, 2023, the GRE General Test will be an enhanced version for the huge benefit of the students. It becomes crucial for aspiring students to understand the changes, in the new GRE syllabus and prepare accordingly.

    Understanding the New GRE 2023 Exam Format

    Section No of questions Duration
    Analytical Writing 1 essay task 30 minutes
    Quantitative Reasoning Section 1 12 questions 21 minutes
    Quantitative Reasoning Section 2 15 questions 26 minutes
    Verbal Reasoning Section 1 12 questions 18 minutes
    Verbal Reasoning Section 2 15 questions 23 minutes
    Total 54 questions + 1 essay task 1 hour 58 minutes

    What are the Changes in the New Enhanced GRE 2023?

    • The overall duration of the New GRE General Test would be about 2 hours. It is reduced from approximately 4 hours to just less than 2 hours. This significant change helps test takers reduce exam anxiety and improves focus.
    • The Analytical Writing section will only include the “Analyze an Issue” task. The “Analyze an Argument” essay task will be removed. The Analytical Writing section will only require you to write one essay in 30 minutes instead of two essays in 1 hour.
    • The number of questions would be fewer in the Quantitative Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning sections. The number of questions per section will be reduced from 40 to 27. However, the average time per question remains unchanged.
    • The current GRE includes an experimental section which is an un-scored one that is used by ETS for research purposes by ETS. The enhanced GRE doesn’t have this experimental section. Hence, students don’t have to put their time and effort into an un-scored section.
    • Since the duration of the enhanced GRE test will now be less than 2 hours, the 10-minute break that currently exists will be removed.
    • Official GRE scores can be expected much faster, within 8-10 days which is an enhancement from the current time frame of 10–15 days.

    What did not change in the New Enhanced GRE 2023 Compared to the Current Version?

    • The new GRE 2023 is available at both test centers and at home.
    • The score range of the new GRE 2023 is measured in a range of 130 to 170, with a point increment for Quant and Verbal. AWA score ranges from 0 to 6, with half a point increment. The score range of the new GRE 2023 remains the same as the current version.
    • The colleges will continue to use the GRE General Test scores as always.
    • The Quant and Verbal sections of the new GRE 2023 are adaptive like it is in the current version of the GRE.
    • The fee for taking the new GRE 2023 in India is USD 228 which remains the same as in the current version.
    • The shorter GRE can be taken five times in a rolling year with a gap of at least 21 days between the two attempts. This remains the same as the current version.
    • There are no changes in the format of the GRE score report.
    • GRE score validity remains the same. The shorter GRE score is valid for 5 years.
    • The new GRE 2023 will have the same content and question type as the current version for the Verbal and Quant sections.

    In summary, the New Enhanced GRE introduces significant changes to the GRE examination format. These changes aim to provide a more comprehensive and accurate assessment of applicants' abilities, aligning them with the demands of graduate-level education. Thorough preparation, utilizing updated study materials, and implementing effective strategies will be key to success in the revised GRE.

    As aspiring graduate students embark on their academic journeys, it is crucial to recognize the importance of the GRE and thoroughly prepare for it. The New GRE 2023 not only reflects the evolving landscape of higher education but also plays a vital role in facilitating successful academic pursuits.

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