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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Taking the TestAs Exam

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Taking the TestAs Exam

  • Common Mistakes to Avoid When Taking the TestAs Exam

    Common Mistakes to Avoid When Taking the TestAs Exam

    • 11-06-2024
    • Posted By : Admin

    The end of the school year, planning for Studying in Germany. TestAs exam is required for applying in German public universities. Studying is mystery to a great grade, but even the best study plan can go twisted if you fall into one of these TestAs exam taking traps.

    Get a grip on your TestAs exam by knowing the most common mistakes that you can easily avoid.

    Choose the Correct version of TestAs!

    The TestAs exam has two versions one is paper based, and the other one is digital version of TestAs. Both the versions of The Test As exam have two parts first is Core Test of Test As and second part is Subject Specific TestAs.

    Paper Based TestAs is 5 hours in both the formats of TestAs. TestAs is administered six times in a year, so you must check the TestAs dates on the official TestAs website. Now, recent first date of Test As is 20th June 2024 which is Digital TestAs and then we have two more dates for TestAs this year, they are 19th November 2023 which is again Digital Version of TestAs and on 19th October 2023 we have paper based TestAs.

    Understand the format of TestAs Exam

    Paper Based Test As has four Subject Specific Modules like first one Humanities, Cultural Studies, and Social Science Module, second one is Engineering Module, third one is Mathematics, Computer Science and Natural Science Module, and fourth one is Economics Module. Paper Based TestAs can have 30 minutes or 1 hour break between core test and Subject Specific Module based on the center where you are taking the TestAs.

    Digital TestAs has two extra subject specific modules of TestAs they are Life Sciences Module and Medicine Module along with the four modules for subject specific which are there in Paper Based TestAs. 

    Do not follow multiple resources

    The biggest mistake which students who prepare for TestAs exam do is they follow multiple resources and watch you tube videos created by multiple people and get confused as each one states different thing and gives different strategy and mostly these videos are created by students who are not experts in TestAs test preparation, but they have just taken the TestAs exam so they share their views or experience.

    Hence while preparing for TestAs exam always take guidance from some expert trainer who has experience of training for the TestAs preparation as trainer will be able to customize the training as per you and make the entire learning process for TestAs exam very fruitful and will suggest you how to use your knowledge and time in most effective and efficient way in TestAs exam. Trainer will also be able to guide you about TestAs dates and which Version of TestAs you should book.

    Make proper revision plan

    After preparing for each question type, take help from an expert trainer to create a proper customized revision plan for you for the TestAs exam. As in TestAs distinct types of questions are there and each Question must be solved using a particular strategy. Hence if you practice using right strategy for TestAs question type, it will ensure that you get all your easy and medium level questions correct and will also give you fighting shot to get few puzzling questions correct which will improve your percentile in TestAs exam.

    Practice more and more

    I t is an incredibly old and proven strategy that practice makes a man perfect but remember you must practice right using right technique and at right time and using the replica of actual TestAs exam scenario else it will be of no use. Hence must get help from an expert trainer to guide you thought the preparation of the TestAs exam keeping your TestAs exam date in mind.

    Test your practice

    Last but not least in the preparation of Test AS exam, you must take a lot of timed practice tests of TestAs at least 15 days before your TestAs exam Date must start doing your Practice Tests of TestAs and discuss all your mistakes in detail with your trainer.

    Make your calendar

    Make a study plan about how to go about your preparation of TestAs like if you have 2 months to prepare divide your preparation in such a way that last two weeks are only for TestAs practice tests in timed conditions similar to what you will have to face on the TestAs exam date. However, if you have just one month before the TestAs exam date then take help from your trainer to prepare your study plan accordingly to maximize your learning and practice both according to her ability and experience.

    Plan your travel

    If you have to travel to another city to give TestAs exam, plan your travel before handbook your tickets and stay and visit the test center a day before to get to know how much time it will take to reach the TestAs exam center. Plan your travel with whom you are comfortable and can share your worries openly with.

    Carry Original Documents

    You must take your original passport and Id proof with you to the TestAs test center on Test As exam date as they will not entertain any xerox or Digi locker proof.

    Do not carry extra stuff

    Do not carry your laptop or anything extra to the TestAs exam center as they will provide you with all what is needed there itself. Just take your original documents and Id proof and in paper based TestAs few pens and in Digital TestAs not even pens.

    Keep Hydrated

    You will get a 30-minute break in Digital TestAs exam and 30 min or 1hour break in paper based TestAs exam as per the center you get to take your test. Therefore, during that break to keep yourself hydrated and fresh for the remaining test drink water and some juice or take a light snack to give to energy to keep your mind focused during the next half of the TestAs exam. Do not worry about what you have done in Core Module as you can change anything now by simply discussing it. It will just increase your anxiety which will affect your subject specific TestAs module, so relax and drink some juice so that your brain gets some glucose to focus properly during the remaining part of the TestAs exam.

    Take proper sleep

    Take a good night’s sleep before the TestAs exam date because that will help you to focus for 3 to 5 hours of long test in a better way. Worrying a day before the exam or trying to learn a new thing just a night before will not help you achieve your target score but what you have practiced during the last one or two months will definitely help you.

    Do not panic

    You should not panic or get anxious just before the TestAs exam date as that will affect your mind and TestAs is tests your cognitive skills, mental reasoning ability and logical skills; therefore, it is very important that you have cool and calm mind on the TestAs exam date.  If you panic, your mind will get affected and will not be able to focus on the exam day and all your hard work will be in vain.

    Don’t Hooping to the sections without reading the directions

    Make yourself comfortable by knowing the format of the TestAs exam before your preparation, so you do not feel you are seeing something new on the test date. Read the instructions carefully and read and understand the question carefully then start working on it applying the right strategy taught by your trainer.

    Avoid jutting on one Tough Question

    If you are not able to solve a particular question, there is no point keep trying on that question or staring at the answer choices as no angel will come give you answer in your ears; therefore, don’t waste your time use process of elimination and guess one answer and move ahead to next question.

    Do not leave the question blank

    Do not leave any question unanswered or unseen as there is no negative marking, so guess some answer and do all the questions.

    No Negative marking

    There is no negative marking in the TestAs exam so do not be afraid to guess an answer for the questions you are not able to solve or find difficult or time consuming. Therefore, when the last five minutes are left answer all remaining questions first then you can go back to the question you are solving and start solving it. Hence, I would say mark the answer for all questions but solve what you can and if you are not able to solve do not keep wasting your time on just one question instead just guess and move ahead.

    Review your all questions & Answer before final submission

    Last but not the least there is a possibility to review, so use it and review all your questions and check you have filled the right answer in your answer booklet in case of Paper Based TestAs and marked the right answer on computer in case of Digital TestAs exam. Make changes wherever you feel needed while you review your answers.

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