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Top Colleges in India Accepting Digital SAT Scores for Undergrad Admissions

Top Colleges in India Accepting Digital SAT Scores for Undergrad Admissions

  • Top Colleges in India Accepting Digital SAT Scores for Undergrad Admissions

    Top Colleges in India Accepting Digital SAT Scores for Undergrad Admissions

    • 01-09-2023
    • Posted By : Admin

    Standardized testing plays a significant role in college admissions, providing a fair and objective measure of students' abilities. In recent years, there has been a growing acceptance of the SAT scores among Indian colleges for undergrad admissions. This article aims to explore the colleges accepting SAT scores in India, scholarship opportunities, and eligibility.

    Understanding the SAT Exam

    The SAT examination is structured to assess students' critical reading, writing, and mathematical proficiencies. It encompasses the following components:

    • Evidence-Based Reading and Writing: This segment is designed to evaluate your reading comprehension and writing skills. It involves analyzing passages and responding to questions related to grammar and writing.
    • Math: The Math section scrutinizes your mathematical abilities, encompassing topics such as algebra, arithmetic, geometry, and data analysis.

    Here are some key insights into the digital SAT exam format:

    • Time Allocation: Candidates have a total of 2 hours and 14 minutes to complete the digital SAT exam. Specifically, there is a 64-minute allocation for the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing section and 70 minutes for the Math section.
    • Module Structure: Each section, both Reading and Writing, as well as Math, is subdivided into two modules of equal length.
    • Question Complexity: In the initial module of each section, you will encounter questions of varying complexity levels, spanning easy, medium, and challenging questions.
    • Adaptive Characteristic: The digital SAT employs an adaptive approach, where the complexity of the second module hinges on your performance in the first module. Excelling in the first module may lead to more challenging questions in the second module, while a less robust performance in the first module may result in slightly less complex questions in the second.
    • Break: A 10-minute break is interposed after the Reading and Writing section, before the Math section. This breather affords you an opportunity to recharge before tackling the mathematical segment.

    College Board India Scholars Program 2023

    India Scholars Program is an initiative by the College Board, founded in 2018 in partnership with Indian universities to simplify undergrad admissions for Indian students. Several alliance members accepted the SAT for undergrad admissions. The College Board India Scholars Program also has a wonderful mission to support financially disadvantaged students in India as they gear up for higher education. This program offers two significant ways for students to save money and open doors to educational opportunities:

    • SAT Fee Reduction Voucher: The College Board India Scholars Program offers generous discounts of up to 90% on SAT registration fees for lower-income students which reduces the financial barrier that might otherwise deter deserving students from taking this important test.
    • India Scholars Program Scholarship: Going beyond just exam fee reductions, the program collaborates with various Indian universities to provide scholarships that can cover different aspects of a student's education. Some deserving recipients might even have their entire tuition costs (100% scholarship) covered until they graduate.

    Eligibility for the SAT Fee Reduction Vouchers

    Students in India who meet income eligibility criteria and are currently in either Class XI or XII are eligible to apply for discount vouchers. These vouchers offer substantial savings on SAT registration fees and are granted based on the annual family income of the applicant:

    • 90% SAT Registration Discount: This generous discount is available to students whose annual family income is less than INR 8 lakhs.
    • 50% SAT Registration Discount: Students falling within an annual family income range of INR 8 lakhs to INR 15 lakhs can benefit from a 50% reduction in SAT registration fees.

    These vouchers can be obtained by applying through

    Eligibility of India Scholars Scholarships:

    Students get merit-based scholarships on the following eligibility criteria

    • Resident of India
    • Take the SAT in class 11 or 12
    • Annual household income has to be less than INR 15 lakhs
    • Must apply and enroll in one of the India Scholars program alliance colleges in India.
    • Must score at least 1300 (out of 1600) on the digital SAT

    Benefits of taking the digital SAT:

    There are several benefits of taking the digital SAT in the context of colleges in India accepting the SAT score for undergrad admissions.

    • Students can now take one entrance test which can be used at many universities in India, and around the world.
    • SAT is administered 7 times a year across India in 50 plus cities.
    • Students can take the SAT more than once and can take the SAT anytime from Grade 9 to grade 12.
    • SAT Scores valid for 4 years.
    • Students can send their scores for ‘free’ to several Indian universities.
    • Be eligible to earn scholarships via the College Board’s India Scholars Program

    Prominent Colleges Embracing SAT Scores for Undergrad Admissions

    Several top colleges in India have recognized the value of SAT scores and have integrated it into their undergrad admissions process. A few Colleges are as follows,

    • Ahmadabad University
    • Ashoka University
    • Anant National University
    • Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham University
    • Atria University- Test is optional but weightage is given to SAT
    • Azim Premji University
    • Bennett University
    • BML Munjal University
    • Chitkara University
    • FLAME University
    • Gitam University
    • G D Goenka University
    • Indian School of Business and Finance
    • Jagdish Sheth School of Management
    • Jagran Lakecity University
    • Jain University
    • KREA University
    • Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies
    • Manipal University, Jaipur
    • MIT World peace University
    • NMIMS
    • The Northcap University
    • O.P Jindal Global University
    • Plaksha University
    • Ramaiah University of applied sciences
    • Rishihood University
    • Sai University
    • Sastra University
    • Shiv Nadar University
    • Shoolini University
    • Sophia College of Women
    • Sri Sri University
    • Srishti School of Art Design and Technology
    • SRM Institute of Science and Technology
    • SRM University, AP - Amaravati
    • SRM University Delhi-NCR, Sonepat
    • Symbiosis International
    • Symbiosis Skills and Professional University
    • Thapar institute of engineering and technology
    • University of Petroleum and energy science
    • Vellore institute of technology
    • Vidhyashilp University
    • Vijayabhoomi University
    • World University of Design
    • Woxsen University

    While most of these colleges accept SAT scores for all their programs, it is advisable to check the respective college websites to understand their admission policies.

    Many colleges in the above list accept SAT for B.Tech programs which facilitates students to take the SAT and apply to many colleges in India and abroad, in place of taking JEE or multiple other college-specific entrance exams.

    Here is the list of colleges that accept SAT scores for B.Tech programs,

    • Amrita Vishawa Vidyapeetham University
    • Atria University- Test optional but weight is given to SAT
    • Bennett University
    • BML Munjal University
    • Gitam University- For International students
    • Jain University
    • Manav Rachna International Institute Of Research And Studies
    • Manipal University- JAIPUR
    • M.S. Ramaiah University Of Applied Sciences
    • Plaksha University
    • Saastra University
    • Shiv Nadar University
    • SRM Institute of Science and Technology- also includes SRM University AP – Amaravati & SRM University Delhi-NCR, Sonepat
    • SVKM's NMIMS
    • VIT-NRI Quota
    • Symbiosis Skills and Professional University

    As the landscape of higher education continues to evolve, it is important for applicants to stay informed and updated on the eligibility criteria, admission requirements, and alternatives available to them. Remember to thoroughly research individual colleges and explore resources that can assist you in your college application journey.

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