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All About TestAS Exam - Syllabus, Fees, Dates & Preparation

All About TestAS Exam - Syllabus, Fees, Dates & Preparation

  • All About TestAS Exam - Syllabus, Fees, Dates & Preparation

    All About TestAS Exam - Syllabus, Fees, Dates & Preparation

    • 27-03-2024
    • Posted By : Admin

    Are you aspiring to study in Germany, one of the world’s top education destinations

    The TestAS (Test for Academic Studies) is a vital step on your journey to securing admission to German universities. Let us discover how TestAS can be your key to academic success in Germany.

    One of the popular destinations for study abroad aspirants is Germany.

    Germany is home to many world-class universities and institutes that offer high-quality education at an affordable price. It is also known for its renowned research opportunities.

    From this article, you will get to know everything you need to know about TestAS, a standardized test.

    What is TestAS ?

    TestAS stands for Test für Ausländische Studierende (Test for Foreign Students).It is a standardized aptitude test designed to assess the academic and cognitive abilities of international students seeking admission to German universities.While TestAS evaluates your general academic aptitude, it is not an IQ test. Instead, it focuses on assessing your abilities in specific subject areas relevant to your chosen field of study.
    • The test is a central standardized scholastic aptitude test that measures intellectual abilities particularly important for university studies.
    • This exam is conducted by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) in different countries & centers 3 to 4 times a year.

    TestAS Structure and Modules:

    The test is available in two formats: Paper-based test and Digital test

    Students can take the test either in English or German language. This can be chosen at the time of test registration. All the questions are multiple-choice questions. TestAS has the following components:

    • Language Test – 30 minutes: On-screen language test for 30 minutes to measure your language proficiency. This is an unscored section.
    • Core Test – 88 questions in 110 minutes

    The Core Test Consists of the Following Four Task Groups:

    • Solve quantitative problems (22 questions in 45 minutes):

    Solving practical word problems

    • Inferring relations (22 questions in 10 minutes):

    Determining content-related relationships between terms

    • Completing patterns (22 questions in 20 minutes):

    Recognition and arrangement of rules in the figural realm

    • Continuing Numerical series (22 questions in 25 minutes):

    Recognize and apply rules in the numeric domain

    • Subject Specific Test Modules – 145 to 150 minutes duration: This section evaluates your knowledge in your chosen field of study. Students have to choose one of the following modules while registering for the test:
      • Humanities, Cultural Studies, and Social Sciences
      • Mathematics, Computer Science and Natural Sciences
      • Engineering
      • Economics
      • Life Science (only in digital format)
      • Medicine (only in digital format)

    TestAS Exam Preparation:

    • TestAS Diagnostic Test: Take a full-length TestAS practice test to get familiar with the TestAS exam pattern, and question types and to know the difficulty level of the test.
    • TestAS Syllabus: Understand the TestAS exam syllabus to know the topics tested.
    • TestAS coaching: Consider enrolling in a TestAS preparation course to improve your test-taking skills and performance. This will help you structure your preparation and be motivated to prepare along with peers.
    • TestAS practice materials: Get access to a lot of practice materials that are aligned with the TestAS syllabus. Access official materials and TestAS mock tests to familiarize yourself with the test.

    At Erisha EduSupport, our experienced instructors provide comprehensive coaching and guidance for the TestAS Exam to maximize your performance. Ready to embark on your journey to studying in Germany? Contact us today for more information about TestAS and our services.

    TestAS Test Centres in India:

    • Goethe-Institute Max Mueller Bhavan - Chennai
    • British Council Examinations and English Services India – Kolkata
    • British Council Examinations and English Services India – Mumbai
    • British Council Examinations and English Services India – New Delhi
    • Goethe-Institute/ Max Mueller Bhavan New Delhi
    • Goethe-Institute Max Mueller Bhavan - Pune

    TestAS Test Dates:


    20 Jun 2024 (Registration period: 2 January 2024 to 10 Jun 2024)

    19 November 2024(Registration period: 2 January 2024  to 11 November 2024)

    Paper based:

    27 April 2024 (TestAS053)(Registration period: 2 January 2024 to 18th March 2024)

    19 October 2024 (TestAS054) Registration period: 2 January 2024 to 12 September 2024)

    TestAS Test Registration:

    • https://www.testas.de/ is the official website to register for the test.
    • TestAS Test fees in India is 150 Euros (approximately INR 13200/-)

    TestAS Scores and Certificate:

    • Students can get the TestAS results in about four weeks (paper-based TestAS) or two weeks (digital TestAS)
    • The certificate has the grades for all the sections in the test. There is no pass or fail and there is no minimum required mark.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

    Do all German Universities Require the TestAS Certificate?

    • The TestAS certificate is recognized by German universities that have included it in their admission regulations.
    • The weighting of the TestAS results, however, varies depending on the university.
    • While TestAS is compulsory for some universities or subjects, it is optional for others.
    • Some Universities do not Require TestAS.
    • Please inquire at the university or faculty you are applying to if TestAS is considered for admission.

    Why Take TestAS?

    • University Admission: Many German universities require TestAS scores as part of their application process. A strong TestAS score can boost your chances of admission.
    • Scholarship Opportunities: Some scholarships in Germany consider TestAS scores when awarding financial aid to international students.
    • Program Suitability: The TestAS syllabus can help you determine if your chosen program aligns with your academic strengths and abilities.

    Is TestAS Compulsory for Germany?

    TestAS is not compulsory for all universities in Germany, but it is required or recommended by many universities as part of their admission process. The specific TestAS requirements can vary from one university and program to another. It’s essential to check the admission requirements of the specific university and program you are interested in to determine whether TestAS is required or recommended. You can find this information on the university’s official website or by contacting their admissions office.

    Is the TestAS Exam Easy?

    TestAS is not considered an easy exam, however, the difficulty of the TestAS exam varies from individual to individual based on their academic background and preparation. It assesses cognitive abilities and subject-specific knowledge, making it challenging for some students. Adequate preparation and familiarity with the TestAS test format can help to improve the scores.

    Which Universities Accept the TestAS?

    The Following Universities Accept the TestAS for Under-Grad Admissions:

    • University of Cologne
    • RWTH Aachen University
    • University of Bremen
    • Otto von Guericke University of Magdeburg
    • University of Greifswald
    • University of Hamburg
    • Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz
    • University of Heidelberg
    • University of Ulm
    • University of Freiburg
    • University of Göttingen
    • University of Leipzig
    • University of Potsdam
    • University of Regensburg
    • Berlin School of Economics and Law
    • University of Applied Sciences Mittweida
    • Technical University of Telecommunications and Informatics Leipzig
    • University of Wuppertal
    • Technical University of Hamburg
    • Frankfurt School of Finance & Management
    • Goethe University in Frankfurt
    • Augsburg University
    • University of Applied Sciences Berlin

    How do I Prepare for the TestAS Exam?

    • Familiarize yourself with the TestAS exam syllabus and test format.
    • Get access to study materials and practice tests.
    • Create a study plan and stick to it.
    • Take full-length practice tests at regular intervals.
    • Review the test to know the weaker areas and focus on that.

    What is the Difficulty Level of TestAS?

    TestAS is not considered an easy test, however, the difficulty level of the test varies from student to student based on their academic background and skills.

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