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Top 20 GRE Tips

Top 20 GRE Tips

  • Top 20 GRE Tips

    Top 20 GRE Tips

    • 29-5-2023
    • Posted By : Admin

    GRE or Graduate Record Examination is a standardized test which is a quite challenging and tricky test.

    GRE is used by universities worldwide for admissions into MS, MBA, and PhD. The GRE tests your writing skills, verbal and quant reasoning.

    Some of the simple tips to crack the GRE are as follows:

      1. You have to be familiar with the layout of the GRE to navigate during the test so that you don’t lose a lot of precious time in figuring out the various icons.
      2. You have to know the GRE structure and GRE question types. As the test is a standardized test, the pattern is fixed. So, get familiar with the pattern. Taking a lot of GRE mock tests will help you to know the questions better work on your weaknesses and capitalize on your strengths.
      3. Prepare the GRE study plan and stick to the plan. Create a realistic plan based on the time available. Have a target score and work towards it. Make sure to set milestones at every level and work towards it.
      4. Revise the formula and math concepts tested on the GRE Quant to get thorough with the basics.
      5. Practice on reading skills by reading scientific journals, non-fiction etc. Reading as a habit will not only help build your reading skills but also build your vocabulary. It also builds the stamina for reading comprehension passages in the GRE.
      6. Answer all the questions in GRE. There is no negative marking in GRE. Try to do elimination to arrive at an answer. Make a guess when you have no idea of the answer, it might just be your lucky day!!!
      7. Pace yourself well. Answer the easy questions first. Do not waste too much time on one question. Always keep an eye on the timer. If you have finished early check for the errors.
      8. ETS provides scratch paper, make the best possible use of it. It is of utmost importance to make note neatly as it will be easier to cross-check in case of confusion regarding an answer.
      9. Be composed and relax a day before the GRE exam and the day of the exam too. When you get nervous, you tend to make more silly mistakes.
      10. Use the breaks given during the test to refresh your brain. Have a walk, stretch yourself, drink water, relax and be ready for the next section.
      11. Vocabulary is an important part of GRE. Use flashcards to memorize words. Make a note of words you find difficult and reread them often. The best way to learn words is to use them.
      12. Root words and use of mnemonics are a few other ways to improve the vocab skills.
      13. Do not read the whole passage on GRE RCs. Practice skiming and scan the passage.
      14. Make sure you enter the answer in a right format for GRE numeric entry questions in the quant section.
      15. Learn techniques, short cuts for quant questions which can save time and improve accuracy.
      16. In the GRE analytical writing assessment, keep an eye on time and make sure you finish in the required time. Make a draft first and then work around it. Check for grammatical errors once you finish typing the essay.
      17. Always take GRE full-length practice tests including the AWA section and as a timed test.
      18. Ensure the required documents (mainly passport/Aadhar card) are ready in advance. Be sure to reach the center well before your appointment time. A delay can cause stress and tire you out before the exams.
      19. Practice with the right study material. The material has to be closest to the actual exam. Read the reviews and consult an expert before studying. It is waste of time and money to practice on wrong material.
      20. Join a training class in case you want the extra push. You will get like-minded people to preparewith you. You will also have a trainer to motivate and guide you. Be positive, practice hard and all the best!!

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