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The TOEFL Essentials Test for Students

The TOEFL Essentials Test for Students

  • The TOEFL Essentials Test for Students

    The TOEFL Essentials Test for Students

    • 03-01-23
    • Posted By : Admin
    The TOEFL Essentials test created by ETS that measures the four core language skills: listening, reading, writing and speaking.The friendly test format has short, engaging tasks that relate to both academic situations and everyday life.

    Test Format:

    Each section in the TOEFL Essentials test has questions that effectively measure your English abilities. 
    For listening, you answer questions about things you hear, like conversations, announcements, and academic talks. The total number of questions vary from 30-45 and takes  21-34 minutes to complete.

    In the reading section, you read texts from both academic and nonacademic sources and answer questions about them. The total number of questions vary from 30-45 and takes 22-33 minutes to complete.

    For writing, you will be asked to build sentences from given words. Then you have two writing tasks, each with a specific communication purpose. There are 15-19 questions and takes 24-30 minutes to complete.

    In the speaking section, some tasks include reading aloud and repeating what you hear. There are three tasks including 19 responses and take 13 minutes.

    Then you have a virtual interview, where you respond to several questions. The short video is unscored.


    • The test is 1.5 hrs in duration. It is short test.
    • The test is taken from home.
    • The official scores come in 6 days.
    • The test provides to send unlimited test reports free of cost to institutions.


    Many of the the universities and countries do not accept TOEFL essential.  


    Before you leave the testing room, you can view your unofficial reading and listening scores on-screen. 
    You can view your official scores in your TOEFL account about six days after the test. Scores for the TOEFL Essentials test are measured in bands, from 1 to 12, for each section. Your overall score is the average of the four section scores rounded to the nearest half-band. All score reports include MyBest® scores, which are the highest overall section scores from all of your TOEFL Essentials tests in the last two years.
    Score reports feature measures of Vocabulary Knowledge and Sentence Construction
    At the end of your test, you’ll have the option to cancel your scores or have them reported and sent to the institutions you chose during registration.
    Validity: The validity of scores is 2 years.
    Documents required to book and write the exam:

    Testing within your country of citizenship

    The following ID documents are acceptable for admission to a test session within your country of citizenship.
    • Passport with name, photograph and signature
    • ETS is temporarily accepting the Aadhaar Card as a primary ID for test takers in India until further notice. The Aadhaar Card must be an original document. Photocopied, printed documents are not acceptable.
    Please call and confirm the id requirements  from the test center before booking the dates.

    Testing outside your country of citizenship

    You must present a valid passport with your name, photograph and signature as your primary ID. There are no exceptions to this policy.

    Booking the test date:

    TOEFL essential test can be booked on ets.org.
    Test appointments are available 24 hours a day, 1 day a week (with more days to be added). You can find and schedule appointments as early as 24 hours after you register.
    Fee: The test fee is $ 100-120 depending on the location.

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