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Pros and Cons of Studying Abroad

Pros and Cons of Studying Abroad

  • Pros and Cons of Studying Abroad

    Pros and Cons of Studying Abroad

    • 23-11-2022
    • Posted By : Admin

    The advantages and benefits of studying abroad are:

    Independent: The students in India are generally under the shadow of their parents. They live in a guarded environment. Studying abroad makes them independent. It forces them to think and take decisions for themselves. They learn to manage finances and many students take up part time jobs. They also learn to manage household responsibilities as many students stay with their friends. This equips them with the confidence to handle the problems better.

    Quality of Education: India has only a few premier institutions like IIT and IIMs which are difficult to get into as they are highly competitive. Study Abroad give a student variety of options to choose from. In countries like US, student can select the program in the 2nd year. 

    Practical Courses: In India most of courses give theoretical knowledge, the universities abroad give practical knowledge to students. There are lot of research opportunities for students while learning which they can continue to embark or become professors and motive other students to take up research. There are options for internships to get hands on experience in the relevant field. 

    Global Exposure: Study abroad students are exposed to students from various countries, various cultures, and different lifestyles. They develop a wider perspective and learn to appreciate diversity.IT is a good chance to develop a network. This paves foundation for the student to become a global traveler and he/she can adjust anywhere in the world. 

    Improves Language Skills:  Studying abroad develops a student’s language skills. It improves their English if it is a English speaking country. When a student goes to country like Germany, France etc. it gives them a chance to learn the local language. Learning the local language betters the chance of finding a job.

    Better Job Option:  Colleges have a good alumni network which helps them find jobs.  Universities also have tie up with companies for internships which is added advantage. Students who graduate abroad earn better salary when they return to India. Some countries give preference to students who have studied in their country. They have better career prospects.

    The cons of studying abroad are:

    High Cost: The cost of studying abroad is exorbitant. The cost of living is higher. The cost incudes tuition cost, accommodation, transport,  food etc. The student generally takes loans and depend on scholarship to fund their education. For programs like MBA, students work for a few years save money and apply.

    Home Sickness:  Students find it difficult to stay away from home as they become homesick. They might feel left out in new circumstances and also experience cultural shock. In some countries they make face language barriers which most students overcome by learning the language with time. Most of the countries have Indian community which the student can join and create home away from home. 

    Post Work Visa: Some countries do not offer post study visas so the shortlisting of country, course etc. is very important so that it matches with student goals.

    Recognition of Degree:  It is very important to do a degree from an accredited university. The course has to be recognized all over the world. So, it is important to do a lot of research in selecting universities so that the right decision is taken.

    In conclusion, it is important to take an educated decision about selecting the universities so that it matches the short term and long-term goals of the student.

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