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Selecting a University is a challenge for a student

Selecting a University is a challenge for a student

  • Selecting a University is a challenge for a student

    Selecting a University is a challenge for a student

    • 03-12-2022
    • Posted By : Admin
    Studying in a university is challenging but an enriching experience  for Indian students. They have adjust to a new environment and make new friends and build a support system to avoid being home sick and enjoy their student  journey.

    Making friends is not easy for introverts but there are various ways to meet and make friends for life.
    The problems faced by Indian students are the cultural and social difference between countries. The lifestyle is also different. The education system is also poles apart. The transport system, food is different. Learning about diverse things is exciting when you have friends and mentors to guide.

    The ways to build a network are:

    Attend orientation:  All the international universities have orientation sessions. The orientation class familiarises the student with the process in the university. The student can make new friends and acquaintance with other international students. 

    Doing Research:  Internet is a treasure trove of information.  A student can do research and get a lot of information online. The student can set realistic expectation based on the information. He can be prepared for situations and work on it in advance. Doing research will give a heads up to the student about culture and they can interact with locals accordingly.

    Join a club: International universities have clubs. These clubs can be scientific, social, wine tasting, sports, debating etc. Students can join the club which they are interested. They can make friends with likeminded friends.

    Travel: Travelling also is an excellent way of making new friends.  

    Attend events:
    ·Local Events: Students should attend local events to understand local community better. They can also attend events organised by Indian community and feel at home. The Indian community organises festivals and other events where students can have fun and network. 

    ·College Events: Universities conduct various events which are an excellent opportunity to widen their network. These events can be cultural events, guest lectures and conferences. These can be international or local university events.

    Social Media: social media is an excellent platform to make friends. Many universities have their own social media pages which the students can utilise to make friends. The students can also use other social media resources to make friends, look for accommodation and get information about events. It is important to remember to make use of these resources judiciously.

    Learn the local Language: Learning the local language is a great ice breaker. You can connect better with locals if you try to speak the local language. 

    Have a party: The student can have a small get together. This sets an informal setting which makes students comfortable. The students should also attend parties thrown by fellow classmates to know them better. It is advisable to remember not to overdo anything and party sensibly. 

    Have roommates: Having roommates is an excellent way to make new friends. The advantage is you make new friends and can share the rent. It also drives away loneliness and home sickness.  

    Expand your horizons: A student must be open minded and look beyond friends who are Indians.  Having friends who are not from your own nationality teaches you a lot about different culture. It gives you a chance to learn to new language. The student can learn a lot about new thoughts and generate new ideas. This gives confidence to a student and makes him a global citizen. 

    Look beyond classrooms: A student must look beyond classrooms and make friends outside too. This exposes the student to new ideas and new outlook. They can take part time jobs and interact with lot more people. They learn to accept the cultural diversity. 

    Volunteer:  A student can volunteer for a cause which they are interested in.  This gives them a sense of fulfilling their social responsibility and a chance to meet like-minded volunteers.

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