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F1 is non immigrant student visa granted by US

F1 is non immigrant student visa granted by US

  • F1 is non immigrant student visa granted by US

    F1 is non immigrant student visa granted by US

    • 26-12-2022
    • Posted By : Admin

    F1 Visa Pointers

    F1 is non non-immigrant student visa granted by the US for a period up to 5 years. This visa is issued to academic students enrolled in colleges, universities, language training programs, high school,s and other academic institutions. It is one of the toughest visas to obtain. The visa acceptance rate is around 80%.

    Time Line for F1 Visa:

    Applications for the visa can be submitted a maximum of 120 days before the start of studies. However, the application should be made at least one month before the start of the study program to avoid delays. The waiting time is generally 2-3 weeks.

    How to dress for a visa interview?

    Choosing the right outfit is very important. The first impression that a student creates is critical. It show cases the student's professionalism. The points to remember are:
    • Dress formally
    • Choose light perfumes
    • Keep accessories to a minimum
    • Be well groomed
    • Dress Comfortably
    • Wear formal footwear

    Documents needed for visa interview:

    • I20 or an offer letter from the university
    • Completed DS-160 visa application fee
    • Visa Appointment Letter
    • Visa fee receipt
    • Passport and recent photo
    • Financial Documents
    • Bank Statements
    • Proof of relationship with the sponsor
    • Academic Transcripts
    • Standardized Test Scores
    • Proof of return to home country after studies

    Tips for Visa Interview

    • Arrive Early
    • Dress Appropriately
    • Be confident and positive
    • Organise your papers so that you can find them easily when asked
    • Do not act like a potential immigrant
    • Keep your answers concise.
    • Know how your course fits your career goals
    • Speak in English
    • Be honest

    Questions asked during the visa interview

    The questions asked during visa interviews are categorized into 
    • Study Plans
    • Personal Questions
    • University Choice
    • Academic Details
    • Financial Status
    • Post Study Plan

    Some of the questions asked are:

    • What do you want to study and why the university?
    • What are the names of universities you applied and how many did you get into?
    • Where did you study early and your academic GPS?
    • Why did you choose USA?
    • What is your plans post-study?
    • Do you have relatives or friends in the USA?
    • Why do you want to leave your current job and study?
    • How are you planning to finance your education?
    • Are you planning to take a loan?
    • What is the economic background of the person sponsoring?
    • What is the fee of the university you are planning to study?
    • Do you plan to study while working?
    • Why the USA and not any other country?
    • Have you been to the USA earlier?
    • Do you want to stay back in the USA after your studies?

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