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Everything About the New GMAT Focus Edition 2023

Everything About the New GMAT Focus Edition 2023

  • Everything About the New GMAT Focus Edition 2023

    Everything About the New GMAT Focus Edition 2023

    • 05-07-2023
    • Posted By : Admin

    GMAT has evolved partnering with the business schools and with the priorities of the students. The new version is named the GMAT Focus Edition 2023 which reflects the rapidly changing business landscape and what students need as they plan for their future. The test now features fewer but more focused sections, shorter testing time, a new data insight section, and detailed performance insights. The new features enable students to work smarter, maximize performance, and succeed sooner.

    Highlights of GMAT Focus Edition 2023

    • Shortest GMAT Test: Nearly one-hour shorter test than the current version
    • Reduced Content: Lesser to prepare and hence streamlined studying
    • No Essay Section: There is no Analytical writing section in the new test
    • Score Sending: Send you scores up to 5 universities for free with 48 hours of the test result
    • Relevant Content: Three sections that focus only on relevant business skills
    • Personalized Insights: Enhanced Official Score report with detailed insights

    What is changing on the GMAT

    Let’s see in detail.

    Exam Structure:

    GMAT Focus Edition is 2 hours 15 mins including a 10-minute optional break. Total 64 questions.

    • Quantitative Reasoning: 21 questions, 45 minutes
    • Verbal Reasoning: 23 questions, 45 minutes
    • Data Insights: 20 questions, 45 minutes

    You can take the test in the section order you prefer.

    Note: No Essay section!!!

    Break during the GMAT Focus Edition

    • There is a 10-minute optional break in the GMAT Focus edition.
    • The 10-minute optional break can be taken after the first section or the second section.
    • If you have taken a break after the first section then you will not have the option to take a break after the second section

    New Feature on the GMAT Focus – Review and Edit

    Based on market research conducted globally by the GMAC, 84% of the GMAT test takers believe they would perform better on the GMAT if the review and edit answer feature is available. Also, the GMAT test takers believe that having a review/edit feature would decrease anxiety, and improve test flexibility. The GMAT focus edition have the review and edit features.

    • While taking the test, you can bookmark a question that you like to review later on.
    • At the end of the section, you will see the question review and edit screen, if you have the section time.
    • Question review and edit screen will have question numbers and the bookmarked questions are indicated.
    • Each question number is linked to the respective question.
    • You can review the questions which you like to do and edit up-to three answers.

    GMAT Focus – Quantitative Reasoning

    • Most important change, there is no Data Sufficiency questions in GMAT Focus Quant section.
    • GMAT Focus Quant section have 21 Problem Solving questions.
    • Calculator is not allowed in this section.
    • Arithmetic and elementary algebra is tested on the GMAT Focus Quant section, however the answering these questions requires logic and analytical skills, not exactly the math skills.

    GMAT Focus – Verbal Reasoning

    • Most important change, there is no Sentence Correction questions in GMAT Focus Verbal section.
    • This section has 23 questions for Reading Comprehension and Critical Reasoning.
    • Reading comprehension on the GMAT Focus tests: main idea, supporting idea, inference, application, logical structure, and style.

    GMAT Focus – Data Insights

    • This section leverages Integrated Reasoning and Data Sufficiency question types to measure calibrated digital and data literacy dimension which is the most relevant business skills.
    • This section has 20 questions.
    • Questions in this section tests math, verbal, data analysis or all the three.
    • On-screen calculator is allowed in this section.
    • The questions types of this section and weight-age are as follows,
      • Data Sufficiency Questions: 20-40%
      • Multi-source reasoning: 10-20%
      • Table analysis: 10-20%
      • Graphical interpretation: 20-30%
      • Two-part analysis: 10-20%

    GMAT Focus – Scaled Score

    GMAT Focus score scales are as follows

    • Quantitative Reasoning: 60 to 90 with an increment of 1 point
    • Verbal Reasoning: 60 to 90 with an increment of 1 point
    • Data Insight: 60 to 90 with an increment of 1 point
    • Total Score: 205 to 805 with an increment of 10 points

    GMAT Focus Enhanced Score Report – Performance Insight

    GMAT Focus Edition Official Score report includes a detailed performance insight, at no additional cost! Along with the total score, sectional scores and percentile rankings, the new score report also gives an insight by section, question type, knowledge in specific area, details on time management, and data on how you performed compared to others who applied for the same program.

    GMAT Current Version Vs GMAT Focus Edition 2023

    Particulars GMAT Current Version GMAT Focus Edition
    Structure 4 sections: Quantitative reasoning, Verbal reasoning, AWA and IR 3 sections: Quantitative reasoning, Verbal reasoning
    No of questions 80 questions 64 questions
    Duration 3 hours 7 minutes 2 hours 15 minutes
    Score 200-800 (based on 2 sections) 205-805 (based on 3 sections)
    Sending the Score Test Center: Send up to 5 programs before your exam to receive your Official Score Report at no charge.
    Online: Send 5 free score reports to programs within 48 hours of receiving your Official Score Report.
    Send 5 free score reports to programs within 48 hours of receiving your Official Score Report.
    Review and Edit No option to bookmark, review or edit the answers. Bookmark, Review, edit up-to three answers are available.
    Quantitative Reasoning section Data Sufficiency and Problem-solving question types Only Problem-solving questions
    Verbal Reasoning Reading Comprehension, Sentence Correction, Critical reasoning Reading Comprehension and Critical reasoning

    What remains the same on the GMAT Focus as in the current version?

    • GMAT scores are valid for 5 years.
    • GMAT testing is available online or at a test-center.
    • You can book the GMAT test up to 6 months in advance: Online around the clock and test-centers during operating hours.
    • 5 attempts in a rolling year and 8 times in lifetime.
    • No of attempts are counted across delivery channels and versions.
    • GMAT Registration fee remains the same.
    • Acceptable ID requirements remains the same for the GMAT Focus.
    • For scratch paper,
      • Test Center: 5 laminated pages and 2 dry erase markers are provided.
      • Online: A physical whiteboard, dry erase marker, and eraser are permitted, plus access to a built-in online whiteboard.

    Important dates for the GMAT Focus Edition:

    • Official Prep Available – June 6, 2023
    • Registration Opens – August 29, 2023
    • Testing Starts – Q4 2023

    Hope this article lets you know everything about the change in the new GMAT. In our next article, we shall see how to prepare for the new GMAT Focus Edition and how to decide which test is better for you. Stay tuned!

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