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Erisha EduSupport is now a Market Ambassador of TOEFL iBT of ETS!

Erisha EduSupport is now a Market Ambassador of TOEFL iBT of ETS!

  • Erisha EduSupport is now a Market Ambassador of TOEFL iBT of ETS!

    Erisha EduSupport is now a Market Ambassador of TOEFL iBT of ETS!

    • 15-02-2023
    • Posted By : Admin

    Erisha EduSupport LLP is excited to announce that they are the Market Ambassador of TOEFL iBT of ETS! This partnership gives Erisha EduSupport LLP exclusive access to the TOEFL iBT of ETS resources, products, and online studying materials. With this partnership, Erisha EduSupport LLP is able to provide the best support and instruction for students who wish to take the TOEFL test and improve their speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills.

    Erisha EduSupport LLP Joins the Promotional Team of TOEFL iBT of ETS

    Erisha EduSupport LLP is proud to announce their recent addition to the promotional team of TOEFL iBT of ETS, one of the most widely respected and recognised standardised tests This partnership allows Erisha EduSupport LLP to provide support for all students in India who are preparing for TOEFL iBT. Erisha EduSupport's goal with this collaboration is to make sure all students have an opportunity to take advantage of the rigorous and challenging exam that is the TOEFL Their strong commitment towards providing quality education will ensure that Indian students have access to reliable practice material, accurate information on test content, scoring criteria, registration process and more.

    With this move into partnership with TOEFL iBT of ETS, Erisha EduSupport LLP will offer a wide range of services including sample tests , mock exams, interactive quizzes designed as per latest testing pattern and comprehensive study material based on latest syllabus followed by IELTS or PTE examination system Students now can also get free access over expert guidance provided by qualified educators associated with our group who would guide them through every single step while they prepare for their dream universities abroad like Harvard or Cambridge University etc.

    The joining of forces between these two organisations promises greater educational opportunities for Indian students aspiring higher studies abroad passing stringent English language assessment like IELTS or PTE with high scores alongside getting advantages during visa processing under point-based system applied depending upon university selected world-wide It brings immense pleasure onto us announcing such major milestone accomplished costing years from hard work accumulated invested across different sectors.

    At last, Erisha EduSupport LLP along-with other partners celebrates successful journey in alliance program intended benefitting each stakeholder worldwide meeting up expectations enforced out either academically or professionally within globalised standards followed by industry today & tomorrow around whole world.

    The Best Support and Instruction for TOEFL Test Takers

    At Erisha EduSupport LLP, we are proud to announce our partnership with Educational Testing Service (ETS in promoting the TOEFL iBT We have joined ETS's promotional team and are now providing exceptional support and instruction for test takers of this globally acclaimed English proficiency assessment.

    Successful completion of the TOEFL iBT is essential for those seeking admission into a college or university abroad, where English is the primary medium of instruction At Erisha EduSupport LLP, our commitment to excellence means we take every measure possible to ensure that all test candidates receive the best guidance available on how to prepare and ace their tests.

    We know that taking such a high-stakes exam can be an incredibly stressful process – one which requires substantial time investment as well as careful strategy-building in order to optimise scores This is why our dedicated faculty works round-the-clock with students across multiple levels – from entry level philosophy undergraduates who require only minimal preparation right up through doctoral students requiring specialised instruction tailored towards each individual’s particular needs Our experts provide comprehensive classes designed specifically around preparing candidates both technically and cognitively so they can reach their fullest potential during the highly competitive examination period.

    Erisha EduSupport LLP also provides specialised training on all four sections Listening Comprehension, Structure & Written Expression, Reading Comprehension & Writing Composition—in addition to support services before and after tests—including mock exams as well as answer keys for practice questions from real TOEFL examinations over many different years; these allow us to create an individualised study plan complete with objectives tailored precisely toward whatever score goal you desire!

    Furthermore, we proudly offer online courses for remote learning convenience—allowing students anywhere in world access gain knowledge about TOEFL preparation techniques directly from certified professionals without having leave home or work hard shift at job just cover transportation cost journey class location center , truly keeping ease mind priority With personalised one–on–one attention given expert instructors via Skype/Google chat room sessions along question clarification forums detailed feedback delivered both book session assignments within hours post meeting , it’s easier ever mastering material matter what playing field looks like.

    Improved Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing Skills

    As an important milestone in your educational journey, the TOEFL iBT (Test of English as a Foreign Language-Internet Based Test is increasingly becoming popular among international students The Electronic Testing Service (ETS recently announced its collaboration with Erisha EduSupport LLP to promote their website and services related to improved speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills for TOEFL iBT seekers.

    Erisha EduSupport LLP provide quality education support services through personalised learning programs that are specially designed by experienced professionals from top institutes across India These experts have many years of experience in delivering online tutoring sessions for students who seek guidance on TOEFL preparation courses With their help, you can easily practice and improve language proficiency required to ace your upcoming entrance tests in line with ETS standards.

    The trainers at Erisha will focus on increasing your confidence level while helping you develop the skills necessary for taking the test efficiently such as grammar & sentence structure knowledge and essay writing tips along with extensive question bank analysis which would undoubtedly help you excel in each part of this highly valued examination process conducted by ETS representatives worldwide.

    Not only do they offer comprehensive training packages but also regular assessment activities along with full/partial test evaluations so that candidates get accustomed to the exam pattern prior appearing for it eventually which helps them understand what kind of questions may be asked during this English evaluation process better than ever before! Additionally, mock exams available on the websites further adds up advantages whereby you get familiarised about how exactly are questions structured under various types of topics & themes asked under any given situation since these tests come close approximations when compared against original ones provided by ETS itself thereby enhancing overall prospects greatly.

    With customised coaching programs developed specifically for those preparing for exams like IELTS or TOEFLiBt being offered at competitive pricing parameters accompanied with x customer support system makes going digital no more a complex task indeed! Hence giving immense freedom & flexibility allowing users conveniently accessing information anywhere anytime becomes possible making studies even easier & fun filled affair especially when looking forward towards qualifying mandatory hurdle presented ahead! So don’t wait anymore; join today our promotional team powered by Erisha together let us beat this challenge once again turning dreams into success stories!!

    Take the Lead as Market Ambassador of TOEFL iBT of ETS with Erisha EduSupport LLP

    Erisha EduSupport LLP is delighted to announce its partnership with Educational Testing Service (ETS to become the official Market Ambassador of TOEFL iBT This collaboration offers Erisha's community a unique opportunity to take the lead in promoting and helping millions of prospective students attain global education.

    This new role will positively impact ETS' mission to expand access, equity and quality through rigorous assessment and credentialing services that help individuals excel in their chosen fields As part of this promotional team, Erisha EduSupport LLP is able to provide valuable advice, guidance, resources and support for those who wish to pursue international studies or work abroad after completing their TOEFL exam.

    By joining forces with ETS, Erisha strives hard towards achieving these objectives by providing learners around the world with an all-inclusive preparation package for success on TOEFL tests customised study plans; mock tests; practice questions & video lectures; feedback & corrections from certified teachers; detailed reports monitoring performance over time etc These are just some examples of what clients can expect when they sign up for our educational services.

    Additionally, as part of this extended agreement between both organisations – Erisha also has exclusive access to ETS’s accredited program materials such as handbooks, videos & audio recordings which aid test takers gain individualised inputs regarding aptitude readings at different stages during their preparation journey.

    Thus overall it gives us immense pleasure introducing this new collaborative effort between two like-minded partners – Enabling learners across boundaries get closer fulfilling dreams associated with Global Education opportunities! We look forward serving you soon via our online platform complete preparing you enthusiastically for upcoming testing events! So do join hands with team -Erisha EduSupportLLP now!

    We are thrilled to announce that Erisha EduSupport LLP has joined forces with ETS, one of the world’s most renowned testing organisations, to become their official marketing ambassador of the TOEFL iBT With Erisha EduSupport LLP taking the lead in this endeavour, it is our sincere hope that together we can bring greater awareness to the TOEFL iBT and its benefits for students who wish to pursue higher education abroad.

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