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DAAD Scholarship in Germany

DAAD Scholarship in Germany

  • DAAD Scholarship in Germany

    DAAD Scholarship in Germany

    • 31-12-2022
    • Posted By : Admin
    Germany is the most popular destination among Indian students. There are many scholarships available for Indian students who want to study in Germany which will ease their financial burden. Though studies is free in public universities scholarships help.

    The eligibility criteria are different in different universities and agencies offering scholarships. The individual websites have more information about the scholarships. It is an advantage to apply to more than one scholarship.

    DAAD Scholarship: DAAD is the most popular scholarship available to Indian students. Students with outstanding academic records can apply for this scholarship.  The scholarship amount varies between 850-1200 euros per month depending on the course. The scholarship includes travel costs,  health insurance, and family benefits ( only for students whose course duration is more than 6 months).
    There are 100plus scholarships available under DAAD, and Indian students are also eligible for some of the scholarships.

    The Eligibility Varies but the Basic Criteria are:

    • The student must be taking a full-time course with attendance mandatory in Germany.
    • Proof of accommodation for visa
    • Academic Degree should not be more than 6 years old.
    • The student should have 85% marks on the degree applied.
    • Students should have 6.5 in IELTS or 80 in TOEFL.
    • Some scholarship requires work experience.
    • The student needs to have 2 years of work experience.
    • German Language certification is needed for a German-taught program.

    The Documents Needed are:

    • Officially certified Academic record
    • Passport Copy
    • Passport sized Photographs
    • Certified copy of Standardised test scores
    • CV
    • Statement of purpose
    • Letter of Recommendation
    • Letter of motivation
    • Proof of work experience

    Application Process:

    The application form has to be filled on the official website and all the supporting documents have to be uploaded. The student has to send a copy of the application document to the local DAAD office by post.

    Selection Process:

    All DAAD scholarships have their own committee. The scholarships are based on academic records,  projects, research papers, and work experience. A personal introduction may be required for some scholarships.

    Some of the DAAD Scholarships are:

    WISE – Working Internships in Science and Engineering for undergraduate students.
    EPOS- Development-related Postgraduate courses for masters programs.
    GSSP- Graduate School Scholarship Programs for Ph.D. students.
    There are many more scholarship programs under DAAD that help a student to study in Germany.

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