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Benefits of Studying in Europe

Benefits of Studying in Europe

  • Benefits of Studying in Europe

    Benefits of Studying in Europe

    • 24-11-2022
    • Posted By : Admin

    Benefits of Studying in Europe

    Europe is the second smallest continent. It is made of 44 plus countries. Though small in size it is home to a number of top class universities.

    Top Notch Universities:  Europe has a lot of top ranked universities which has opened doors to international students. Germany, Switzerland, France, UK, Italy, Spain etc. are the most favoured destinations. UK leads with the number of top universities in Europe. Some of the top universities in Europe are University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, the university of Amsterdam, Imperial College, EPFL etc. offer high quality of education. The universities are accredited so there is no doubt about their quality. They offer courses in English too.

    Specialisations: It offers students various innovative courses and specialisations. They offer excellent research opportunities. They offer creative courses, STEM courses, Medicine, music, art, hotel management and many more. These courses integrate industry experience and prepare students with skills that help them in future. The high-quality teaching motivates the students to reach their career goals. The degrees from the university are accepted worldwide.

    Tuition Fees: The tuition fee in Europe is lower than US. There are also scholarships available to students. Some of the popular scholarships are DAAD, Global Excellence Award, Chevening Scholarship, Orange Tulip Scholarship, Rhodes Scholarship etc.   The education is free is some universities. 

    Quality of life and travel: The European Student Visa offers a chance to travel to most of the European countries. You can travel on a budget as they offer excellent connectivity of trains, buses ,flights  and cheap flights. The rich heritage of Europe is a traveler’s paradise which the student can explore along with their studies. The quality of life is good and there is a good work –life balance. The countries in Europe are ranked high on happiness index.

    Future Prospects: The education System trains the students for excellent career prospects. They get a excellent foundation in the university and the projects and internships helps them in the professional career.  Many universities help students find jobs.  Europe is a home to several international companies and a growing economy which boosts their job prospects. Post study visa offered by countries help them to search jobs. These range from 18-24 months.

    Learn a New Language:  Most of the students learn new language in Europe. The most popular languages are German, French, Spanish and Italian. This enhances their linguistic skills and also adds value to their profile.  Indians are multi lingual so they find it easier to learn languages.

    Immigration: European countries are immigrant friendly. You can become a long term resident after staying in Europe for 5 years. The requirements vary depending on the country.

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