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Benefits - International Student Services in a University

Benefits - International Student Services in a University

  • Benefits - International Student Services in a University

    Benefits - International Student Services in a University

    • 28-11-2022
    • Posted By : Admin

    Benefits - International Student Services in a University

    International Students are an important part of student community in any university. The International Student Services are an integral part of a university. The International Student services of a university helps international student with immigration issues, provides academic support. They help students to adjust to cultural differences and provide them with opportunity to involve them in university. Licensed immigration consultants and student advisors support international students to understand the process better and guide them at every step.

    The services include orientation program, immigration advising, academic support, financial aid support, housing support, employment services, health support, language support and post study guidance.

    Orientation Program: International students experience cultural disorientation in a new country and orientation program helps a student to adjust to a new environment. University websites provides information for international students about the campus life. They also mail students about pre arrival information.  They also assist students with transport and airport picks up on arrival. Universities may create orientation program specific to international students to provide them with information regarding immigration, course registration, student life, , setting up bank accounts, transportation etc. Some universities have parent orientation sessions.

    Academic Support: The International Student Services help students to overcome academic challenges. They help students with language courses if the native language is different.

    Health Support: The universities provide support for both physical and mental health. They have both formal and informal sessions to cater to student’s needs. Counselling creates a safe space for students to address their problems and find solution.

    Housing options: The Universities provide student with suggestions for both on campus and off campus residence. The students can opt for either depending on convenience and budget.

    Social Program: The universities conduct many social events that involve international students. These events help students to break the ice and gel with fellow students. It creates a holistic environment for students.

    Financial Aid: Many Universities offer a variety of bursaries, loans, scholarships and emergency funds and services to help student fund their education. The international student services educate students on all the available options to fund their education.

    Employment Services: Career services from the universities help a student to plan their career. They help them in securing internships and networking with alumni. The encourage students to attend various industry events to know the latest trends.

    Post Graduate Support: Post graduation the international student services provide information about post study options. Some students might want to study further the advisors guide them accordingly. They also guide students about post study visa, immigration rules etc. 

    Immigration Counselling: The international student service advisors give information on study permit rules, its renewals, and work rules during study and post study. They also guide on travel within and outside the country.

    Religious Services: Many universities offer multi space spaces for spiritual development.

    Universities and their international service center support students in all possible way to welcome the international students and make their student journey memorable and comfortable. The support given by international service center depends on university and the country. It would benefit the student to closely work with the international student services to meet their goals.

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