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Bachelor in Business Management in the USA

Bachelor in Business Management in the USA

  • Bachelor in Business Management in the USA

    Bachelor in Business Management in the USA

    • 03-12-2022
    • Posted By : Admin

    Bachelor in Business Management is a four-year degree in the USA

    Bachelor in Business Management is a four-year degree in the USA. The course includes accounting, economics, management, finance, insurance, human resources, international business, real estate, supply chain management, marketing, strategic management corporate law, and many other topics. 

    The US is one of the most popular destinations. The reason is the US has a number of top accredited universities for the course. The friendly international student services wing of the college makes the students welcome in an unknown country. A number of top-notch companies hire students who have completed Business Management from the US. The flexibility in choosing a specialization after having an overview of all subjects in the early semester is an advantage.

    BBA degree is designed to give a broad knowledge of the business. BBA programs expose students to a range of core subjects and generally allow students to specialize in a specific business-related academic discipline.

    The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) is a quantitative variant of the BBA. General educational requirements are even more mathematics-oriented.

    • BBA in General Management
    • BBA in Economics
    • BBA in Entrepreneurship
    • BBA in Accounting
    Career Options: Degree holders can pursue a career as a Business Analyst, Financial Analyst, budget manager, tax accountant, tax manager, investment fund manager, economist, human resource specialist, data analyst etc.
    The second option for students after a bachelor’s degree is to do their MBA and then pursue their career paths.

    Some students purse PHD after master’s degree

    The top Business Schools are:

    • Harvard University
    • Stanford
    • MIT
    • New York University
    • University of Pennsylvania
    • University of Chicago
    • University of California, Berkeley
    • Columbia University
    • Duke University
    • Rutgers
    • Carnegie Mellon
    • University of Texas Austin
    • University of Illinoi
    • University of Michigan, Ann Harbor
    • Florida International University
    • Arizona State University
    • New York University
    Admission Requirements for Bachelors Degree: The admission requirements vary depending on the universities which can be viewed on the university website.

    • Official Transcripts
    • SAT/ ACT
    • SAT Subject test
    • English Language Proficiency test
    • 2-3 LOR’s
    • Essay Questions or Statement of Purpose
    Fees: The fee that a student has to consider are tuition fee, accommodation, food, transportation which depends on university and location of the university. The average tuition fee is 15 lakhs- 45 lakhs per annum depending on the university.

    Some of the scholarships are:

    QS Scholarships: Students who have enrolled at undergraduate level at QS associated US institute are eligible for this scholarship.

    Broker Fish International Scholarship: Students of any field enrolled at universities in the US are eligible for this scholarship.

    ICSP University Scholarship at University of Oregon: International students are eligible for this scholarship based on merit and need.

    Tata Scholarship for Cornell University: The Tata Scholarship Fund will support approximately 20 scholars at any given time and will ensure that the very best Indian students have access to Cornell, regardless of their financial circumstances. The scholarship will be awarded annually; recipients will receive the scholarship for the duration of their undergraduate studies at Cornell.

    Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship: These scholarships can be supported with funds raised locally or with Rotary Foundation district or global grants

    Chevron Scholarships: Chevron International REACH (Recognising Excellence and Achievement) Scholarship Program is sponsored by Chevron for the children of its employees and retirees. The Program was established to recognise and assist outstanding children who plan to pursue post-secondary education. Scholarships are offered for one academic year for full-time undergraduate study.

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